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Freelance writer of sports journalism, human interest stories, and short fiction.

The Most Important Things

“He lay there holding her. It had been hours on a rainy Sunday afternoon in February, and as the hours passed so did the sunlight that peaked through the cracks of the blinds in their bedroom. He did not move … Continue reading

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Mountaintops: A Love Poem

Mountaintops I always wanted to see Max Patch. I found it through pictures on Instagram, a kaleidoscope of autumn colors made for late-night scrolling; the place where lovers embrace, kissed by the dimming sunset, to take carbon-copied pictures they’ll post … Continue reading

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My Dad and the Soccer Ball

I’ll always remember the ball, bouncing up and down on his foot in the park behind our house. Those days he danced to the beat of Copa Mundiales. My brother and I squealed, “Kick it up in the air, Dad!” … Continue reading

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On Poetry (and a Poem, Too)

Closing Credits At the dinner table, the brown one with the square floral tablecloth, the dog sits at my feet, watching. The pasta is badly cooked, with the cheap red sauce. It’s so easy to make, you know. Two weeks ago, in … Continue reading

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Short Story: First Date, Part 1

He checked his watch: 7:57 p.m. Edward stood at the front door of her apartment nervously combing his hand through his hair and fiddling with the lapels of his blue blazer. It was a seventh-floor apartment in one of the modern, … Continue reading

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Short Story: The Boy in the Sand

In the sand nearby, the dark-skinned boy in tattered shorts sat looking out at the crashing blue waves of the Caribbean Sea. I sat close to the boy; only a few feet away (though he either didn’t notice me or … Continue reading

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The Phantom Punch

The punch came from an angle he had never expected. The boxer didn’t actually see it as it landed just above his left cheek. Immediately the thin bone inside the thin layer of his flesh, bruised and cut from a hundred … Continue reading

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The Inconspicuous Return

“I’m starting to get the feeling, more and more, to come back…It’s like a knife that I have to keep sharp just in case I ever decide to jump back in the mix…” Georges St-Pierre Most comebacks in professional sports … Continue reading

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